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Comments Off on eselling® Hits The HeadlinesDecember 8, 2011

Hi all,

I thought I should let you all know how the eselling® juggernaut has been progressing over the last few months – and it has been a hectic few months for both myself and my team as eselling® has once again become big news in the industry press recently.

Over the last few months the popularity of the modern day approach to selling behind my eselling® approach has sky rocketed, with more and more publications wanting to publish the top tips and key factors on the modern day sales process and the modern day buyer – and of course I have been more than happy to oblige!

eselling® has now been featured in a wide range of industry magazines, on numerous websites and even a few radio stations as well. Me and my eselling® team ran a very interesting article a few months back on how social media and the internet have begun revolutionise the traditional sales process and change the way that buyers are making their purchasing decisions. When we released this to the industry press we soon found ourselves inundated with publications wanting to feature the article and get the eselling® message out to the masses.  

You can read a selection of our eselling® articles on the Business Zone, My Customer and HR Zone news sites, so feel free to leave your comments and let me know what you think.

I also held a particularly exciting interview with Mark Peters from the Business Hub radio show on the modern day approach to sales, and you can listen to the interview here:

The Business Hub Podcast

eselling® has continued to grow in popularity through this year and now both myself and the whole eselling® team are looking forward to see what 2012 will bring for us all. And so the eselling® juggernaut rolls on…


Sean McPheat
CEO (Chief eselling® Officer)

Comments Off on eselling® Hits The HeadlinesComments Off on eselling® Hits The Headlines