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Comments Off on eselling® Killed The Telesales Star?October 14, 2011

There has been massive hype surrounding eselling® in the industry press recently, as business and sales publications from across the country are realising how much the sales process has changed over the years, and that there is now a new era of selling upon us.

So, the question on everyone’s lips right now: Has the internet really killed off the telesales star?

You only have to look at how the sales process has changed over the last 30 years to realise that we are very much in an era of information technology and online communication:

Long gone are the days where the sales pitch was nothing but a one-way monologue, in which the sales professional would just be trying to push their product or service on the client, without ever taking the time to discuss the buyer’s wants or needs.

Today the more traditional ways of selling are falling flat with modern day buyers, as the modern day buyer has a world of information at their fingertips. With the invention of the internet, and the explosion of the social media revolution, the modern day buyer now heads online in search of information about you, your company, your products and services – all the while comparing you to your competitors and gathering peer recommendations from their social media contacts on which company they should trust.

I’ve got three stats for you which I think will help put this conversion into perspective for you:

  • 73% of decision makers won’t accept an inbound cold call – Market Transformations
  • 90% of buying decisions are based on internet research – Gartner research
  • 2 out of 3 decision makers place more trust in their own research than in sales people – Market Transformations

These should be enough to send a chill up the spine of even the most hardened telesales star! Your buyers are now in control. They have changed the way that they make their purchasing decisions…so, here’s the million pound question – have you changed the way that you sell?

This is where I would like to welcome you to the eselling® revolution. As any fellow esellers® out there will know, eselling® uses social media and other internet-based services to help you prospect, network and engage with key decision makers online.  By using the concept of eselling® you can build your online personal brand and position yourself as an industry expert and trusted advisor within your field.    

Once you are out there on the internet, where you can be found, listening for leads and connecting with potential buyers through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you will never have to make a cold call again. You will then be “social calling”; having struck up a connection with a contact online through a comment on Facebook, by tweeting them a useful link or via a lively discussion on LinkedIn you will find it so much easier to make that vital sales call and get through to the client you want.

So has eselling® really killed the telesales star? Well in terms of pure cold calling, yes. Pure cold calling is dying. However, the sales process is still very much a contact sport and everything you do through the internet or social media should all be working towards that one final goal – to build a good relationship with the client and get that essential meeting, be it face-to -face or on the phone.

And so the eselling® juggernaut rolls on…it’s exciting to think where it will take us next.


Sean McPheat
CEO (Chief eselling® Officer)

Comments Off on eselling® Killed The Telesales Star?Comments Off on eselling® Killed The Telesales Star?