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Comments Off on How To Create The Right Content To Build Your Internet FootprintApril 19, 2012

Creating the right content can help to position you as an expert and industry authority in your particular field, and you can then start to use it in your prospecting and also for enabling potential clients to find you when they are searching online for the products and services you provide.

Great content can also help you build better relationships online, by allowing people to feel more of a connection with you, understand your personality better and to form a bond with you online.

So exactly what is effective content and how do you create it yourself?

Well, I deem effective content as that which always meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • It’s entertaining
  • It’s educational
  • It’s enlightening

The term “Edutainment” springs to mind when describing the best kind of content you can create, in that it informs you and educates you, as well as being entertaining.

When people are seeking out your content online it should be clear to them that the content they have chosen to engage with will fulfil at least one of those criteria, otherwise they are unlikely to preserve with it.

People are busy and their attention spans are short in the digital world, so do not fool yourself into thinking that your information is so important that it will override the audience’s inclination to click through to another site.

Educational content shows a person how to solve a problem. Entertaining content engages the mind. And enlightening content builds bridges between the concepts and sparks the audience’s interest.

By aiming to create a mixture of all of these aspects within the content you produce, you can create the right kind of content to help build your internet footprint and engage with prospects and potential clients online.

Sean McPheat
CEO (Chief eselling® Officer)

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Comments Off on How To Create The Right Content To Build Your Internet FootprintComments Off on How To Create The Right Content To Build Your Internet Footprint