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Comments Off on How To Create Your Internet Footprint To Help Your Prospects Find You OnlineMarch 29, 2012

As a sales professional and business owner, being found in the right place at the right time by your prospects – especially when they are actually looking to enter into the sales process with a company and are ready to buy – is hugely important.

As we have previously discussed through the eselling® blog, building your personal brand and positioning yourself as an industry expert and leading authority within your field can vastly improve the way you prospect online and can help you generate far more qualified leads for your business.

But simply building your brand and then sitting back and waiting for new business to land at your feet will not be enough. You need to be out there on the internet, contributing and sharing your knowledge across the many different forms of media.

You want to be everywhere your prospects look. Every time they go online in search of the products and services you provide, you want to be there. After all, the whole reason you have built this brand is to ensure that you can be found – so make this happen.

It’s hard to position yourself online with a single blog post or video – and one tweet will not turn you into a Twitter star. To be effective online, you must consciously build your online empire and leave a large digital footprint for your prospects to stumble across.

So what is an Internet Footprint and how do you create one for yourself?

Your Internet Footprint could be defined as how many times you have content or are referenced online. It quite literally is your legacy!

If you search for “Sean McPheat” in Google you will see over 440,000 referenced pages relating to my companies, my products and services and myself as an individual. As you can see, it really is all about the content you are putting out there.

Content, as it relates to you, is anything you create that can be found online. This includes articles, videos, blog posts, tweets and any comments or discussions you have produced in forums. Every time you post or say something online you’re leaving a breadcrumb trail leading back to you. So producing quality content really is the name of the game – and remember, the quality is defined by the value of the information received by the person who reads, watches or listens to it.

You don’t need to have a Hollywood budget and a full production crew to create great content, it just need to be entertaining, informative and educational. That is what your prospects are looking for when they conduct and online search – information.

The key to producing the right kind of content for your prospective audience is having a good understanding of what they might be searching for online. This goes back to our discussion on keyword research, as it gives you a great insight into the marketplace.  This also leads on to another post I created on using long-tail keywords to bespoke your online content, as using specific keywords in your blog titles and videos will increase your chances of being found and help drive more targeted traffic to your sites.

When creating your Internet Footprint you need to ask yourself these questions:

What content can I create that will:

  • Help my prospects?
  • Position me as an expert in my field?
  • Offer my prospects something different to other professionals in my field?

By questioning the quality of the content you produce before you spend time creating it, and continuously building upon this overtime you will soon start to reap the rewards from your successful Internet Footprint.

Sean McPheat
CEO (Chief eselling® Officer)

(Image by Digital Art)

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Comments Off on How To Create Your Internet Footprint To Help Your Prospects Find You OnlineComments Off on How To Create Your Internet Footprint To Help Your Prospects Find You Online