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Comments Off on How To Use Long Tail Keywords To Build Your Internet Footprint & To Get Prospects To Call You!February 2, 2012

The holy grail for any Sales Professional or Business owner is when a prospect calls and engages with you off their own back!

But how can you achieve this?

One way to achieve this is to leave “breadcrumbs” all over the internet. When I say “breadcrumbs” I mean leaving thought leadership content all over the internet so when your prospects are searching for information to help them that they come across you.

These breadcrumbs leave a trail back to you. Add all of these breadcrumbs together and your ultimate aim is to build an envious internet footprint all over the web in exactly the places where your prospects are hunting out information.

So how do you know what to produce?

Well, one way is to use keyword research.  Type in to Google “Google adwords keyword tool” and enter the main phrases that someone would use to find out information about what you sell or the problems they face because they have not got your product yet.

Let’s assume that you search for “Document Management Solutions” here’s some of the results that you’ll receive.  


The terms at the top of the list are the most popular searched for terms.

But upon scrolling down you can see many terms that are referred to as “long tail keywords” like these: 


There are many benefits to using long tail keywords when building your online presence.

The competition for a single word or a short phrase is enormously high, and it would require a substantial amount of time and resources to gain a first page ranking for your content with these kinds of general phrases. By selecting a long tail keyword you may gain a smaller amount of traffic, but it will be more qualified traffic, bringing more valuable leads.

Secondly, there is no real value to be gained in trying to get to push content for short keywords. People searching for such general keywords are not likely to be motivated buyers; they’re probably just browsing and have no intention of signing up for your content or making a purchase with you.

Long tail keywords are the magic trick when it comes to driving the right type of traffic to your content. You need to research more specific words and phrases associated with what you sell, which convey physical questions and genuine motivation from those who search on them.

Then you can start to create specific content relating to and including these strategic long tail keywords, which will help your prospects find your content online.  By creating a blog post, a free report or a piece of video content including these targeted long tail keywords you will be generating more qualified traffic around your online presence, which you can then start to convert into qualified leads.   

Sean McPheat
CEO (Chief eselling® Officer)

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Comments Off on How To Use Long Tail Keywords To Build Your Internet Footprint & To Get Prospects To Call You!Comments Off on How To Use Long Tail Keywords To Build Your Internet Footprint & To Get Prospects To Call You!