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Comments Off on Meet the fans – David Brent and eselling®’s youngest protégéeSeptember 29, 2011

Hello fellow e-sellers,

It’s Louise Denny here again. I just wanted to drop by with another little snippet of news about eselling® for you.

Firstly, I’d like to tell you about Sean’s newest (and littlest) eselling® protégée. Meet Livi, Sean’s youngest fan!

Livi’s mother Stephanie Keller sent us this lovely photo after she spotted little Livi – who is only 3 years-old – excitedly reading eselling® one day. Livi’s been swotting up on how she can use social media to prospect, network and engage key decision makers online no doubt!

Stephanie is now coming all the way over from Copenhagen for Sean McPheat’s Sales Summit at Heathrow in London on 17th November, where Sean will be presenting a session on eselling® to a packed crowd of sales professionals from all over the UK. Stephanie is also hoping to meet Sean and get her copy of eselling® signed for little Livi .

Sean’s Sales Summit will also include seminars on the latest sales approaches and strategies regarding prospecting, negotiating and improving sales interactions from guest speakers Simon Hazeldine and Mark Williams. Simon is an internationally renowned public speaker and bestselling author, and Mark is Sean’s number 1 sales trainer, who has worked alongside Sean for eight years and has delivered sales training courses across the UK, in Europe, Japan, China and the Middle East.

Places are still available for the Sales Summit so do visit the website and book quick to avoid disappointment.

Not only has Sean now reached out to the youngest generations with eselling®, but some of the big names in the business have popped by to show their support.

The eselling®  team  received a visit from none other than The Office’s David Brent last week, who couldn’t wait to share his passion for eselling®. In fact, he was so excited to hear about the success of eselling® that he couldn’t resist doing his little dance….  

I thought you might like to see this little gem, in the hope you’ll find it a fantastic way to see in the end of the week…

See you again soon folks,

Louise Denny
Marketing Manager

Comments Off on Meet the fans – David Brent and eselling®’s youngest protégéeComments Off on Meet the fans – David Brent and eselling®’s youngest protégée