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Comments Off on Two Great Ways You Can Position Yourself As A Leading Authority And Industry Expert in Your FieldApril 12, 2012

Modern day buyers want to feel like they are dealing with an expert, and that they have chosen to do business with the most up-to-date and forward thinking company in the market – so it really is important to make sure you have positioned yourself as the go to guy or gal in your industry.

One of the main concepts within the eselling® model focuses on how you can create the right personal brand and online persona to ensure that your prospects want to choose you and your company over all your competition.

In this post I am going to cover two great ways in which you can position yourself as a leading authority and industry expert in your field.

Contributing To Forums

Contributing to forums and other Q&A websites is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and to help build up your exposure online.

There are loads of forums on the internet which you can tap into, but it isn’t always easy finding discussion platforms which are specifically related to your industry – especially if you work within a niche market.  

You may need to be creative in your searches but rest assured that people are out there on the internet having conversations about the types of products and services you provide. Simple head to Google, and type in the subject keyword followed by the word “forum” or “discussion” and see what comes up.

Most forums will require you to register before you can answer any questions, and once you do you can set up your personal profile on these sites, similar to those you will create for your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Make sure you include a short but detailed bio where you can, as this will help those seeking to learn more about you.

A top tip for getting started on any discussion forum is to make the most of any New Member areas they may have. Make sure you introduce yourself as a new member, as you will find the most influential members of the forum will monitor this area closely and you can start to build up your relationship with them from here.

Have Your Own YouTube Channel

With over 2 billion videos being viewed daily on YouTube you need to have your own presence on this site!

It’s so easy to make short, informative videos for YouTube, and there is a lot of really professional yet inexpensive recording equipment available to help you make the most of your video content.

As you encounter questions through conversations with your own prospects and clients, or through discussion that you’ve had online, turn each question and answer into a simple online video.

Provide your answer in a simple, conversational and friendly tone. It’s very easy to look “wooden” on video, and as always practice makes perfect so just keep easing yourself into it.

YouTube videos can be embedded on a blog or website, and can be easily shared across your social networking sites too – so make sure you distribute your video content as frequently as you would with your written content and you’ll soon find people are tuning in regularly to see what else you’ve got for them.

Both of these methods will help you to grow your online presence, build your personal brand and position yourself as an expert within your field, which will help you to further engage with prospects and generate new leads for your business.  

Sean McPheat
CEO (Chief eselling® Officer)

(Image by Kookkai Nak)

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Comments Off on Two Great Ways You Can Position Yourself As A Leading Authority And Industry Expert in Your FieldComments Off on Two Great Ways You Can Position Yourself As A Leading Authority And Industry Expert in Your Field