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Comments Off on eselling® Returns To The ISMM This OctoberSeptember 6, 2012

On October 12th, Sean McPheat – the creator of eselling® – will be returning to the stage at the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management’s (ISMM) Successful Selling Conference at the Ricoh Arena to deliver his special breakout seminar on “How To Use Social Media In Your Selling”.

Sean made his first appearance at the ISMM in 2011, when he delivered his keynote on eselling® to over 1,000 sales professionals from across Europe who were in attendance at the coveted event. Sean is at the forefront of the modern day selling revolution and the concepts he presented in his eselling® session caused quite a stir with the ISMM delegates.

This year Sean will be delving even deeper into the concepts behind modern day selling and showing attendees at the event why they should be selling through social media and how they can get a real return on their investment through harnessing the power of social media for their business.

Even the local press have been jumping on the eselling® bandwagon, with the Coventry Telegraph recently publishing a great piece detailing the concepts behind eselling® and acknowledging Sean’s contributions as a modern day sales professional and successful business owner.

Sean says “I think the reason eselling® has become so popular over the last 12 months is because it’s so easy to implement and sales professionals and business owners across all industries are seeing the real value that social media and other internet based resources can bring to their business. You have to acknowledge that the growth of the Internet has changed the way that we do business across the world, and just as businesses have started to get to grips with selling in the online marketplace, the rise of social media has brought about a wealth of new platforms for companies to try and get to grips with.”

“The modern day buyer is online, researching the products and services you provide every single day and if you aren’t accessing these online platforms and don’t understand how to use them to their advantage then your bottom line will start to suffer. Sales professionals and business owners alike need to learn how to sell to the modern day buyer in the modern way and the concepts within my eselling® approach provides them with a step-by-step guide on how to do this.”

As the owner of many successful internet-based businesses, Sean has proven that his modern day approach to selling really does work and his session at this year’s Successful Selling Conference is a must for all business owners and sales professionals who want to learn how to use the Internet to improve their sales performance and generate more qualified leads for their business. 

For more information on the 2012 ISMM Successful Selling Conference,  please visit http://www.ismm.co.uk/events_successfulselling.php.

Louise Denny
Marketing Manager


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Comments Off on eselling® Returns To The ISMM This OctoberComments Off on eselling® Returns To The ISMM This October
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