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Comments Off on Establishing Your Personal Brand To Help Boost Your BusinessMarch 8, 2012

As a modern day sales professional and business owner, developing your personal brand has never been more important, as it will actually help prospects find you online and ensure that when they do come across you they will get the right impression of you and all that you have to offer them.

Your online presence leaves a digital footprint and shapes the perception that others have of you when searching for you, your company or your products and services on the internet.

It is so important when your prospects first encounter you online that you make the right impression, and the more exposure they have of you the more this relationship is strengthened and refined.

With a strong, consistent approach to personal branding the right people will follow you online, and these will be the people you want as your future clients.  So what is a personal brand and how can you develop your own to really benefit you as a sales professional or business owner?

Firstly, a personal brand is not just the way you present yourself as an individual overall – it is actually held in the relationship between you and another person.

As people are exposed to you they will develop and impression of you, and that impression influences how they hear you, the trust they have in you and what they expect from you.

It is important to note that developing your personal brand is not just about getting people to like you. It is far more important that you are seen to be trustworthy, reliable and consistent than likeable. People might not always be bowled over by your award winning smile and all-rounder personality, but if they know that they can count of you to get the job done then they are still more likely to work with you and your company than someone who has shown less consistency.

You need to consider how you would want your prospects to think of you, and what qualities you believe would be of value to them when looking for a company to invest their time and money with – and then start to build your personal brand around these factors.

Developing your personal brand is not just about how you would want to be viewed by other people as a sales professional and business owner, but you should also be focused on developing a personal brand that will appeal to your prospects and encourage them to interact with you over others in the same field.

After all, the aim of the game is to win more business, so always consider this your end goal when establishing your personal brand.

Sean McPheat
CEO (Chief eselling® Officer)

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Comments Off on Establishing Your Personal Brand To Help Boost Your BusinessComments Off on Establishing Your Personal Brand To Help Boost Your Business