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Comments Off on How To Position Yourself As An Industry Expert And A Trusted Advisor In Your FieldMarch 15, 2012

People just love dealing with experts, and many of the experts that you will come across online will have strong personal brands.

Your prospects want to be led by someone who knows their stuff and can impart their wisdom upon others, so developing your personal brand and positioning yourself as an industry expert can really help bring prospects to you.

Being an expert doesn’t mean you need a PhD in your chosen field, it is all about the way you position yourself within your industry and what impression you portray to all those who come across you and your company online.  

What you need to appreciate is that your prospects are being bombarded with sales and marketing messages every single day, and when you add to this how overwhelmed they might be with their work and home life you can begin to see why so many of your potential clients are crying out for guidance and reassurance in a very uncertain world.

So, the key to reaching out to all of these keen prospects is to demonstrate your wealth of knowledge and experience in a space where they will be able to interact and engage with you. It really is about how you apply what you know to help others that provides a display of competence and encourages people to trust you.

So, exactly how do you position yourself as an industry expert and a trusted advisor in your field?

Here are three top tips to help you build your online persona and create an internet profile which will benefit you as a sales professional and business owner:

1.       Stay Focused

When you’re writing thought leadership content, tweeting or contributing to your LinkedIn groups you need to try to stay focused on your end goal of building your online profile as an expert.

Small talk is fine in moderation but you should be consistently producing content which actually shows your activity as a thought leader in your field.

2.       Be Original

Our internet-based and social media activity should have a good balance between engaging with other thought leaders in your industry and having your own original ideas to contribute and share.

If you’re constantly retweeting and linking to other thought leaders content rather than producing your own then you will not be viewed as an industry expert; you will simply be seen as another follower of other people’s good ideas.

By providing plenty of your own original content and complimenting this with recognition of work produced by others in your field, you will display the persona of someone who has plenty to say for themselves but also acknowledges other great minds as being just that.

3.       Don’t Sell, Sell, Sell

If your content screams “buy my stuff” over and over again then you will simply be ignored.

By all means, provide your followers with information on any new offers you may have available and direct them to your landing pages occasionally – but your thought leadership content is what your prospects really want so ensure you keep providing your followers with this and they will continue to follow you.

As the famous saying goes: “You have to give the people what they want” – it really is that simple.

Sean McPheat
CEO (Chief eselling® Officer)

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Comments Off on How To Position Yourself As An Industry Expert And A Trusted Advisor In Your FieldComments Off on How To Position Yourself As An Industry Expert And A Trusted Advisor In Your Field