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The Obligatory Legal Stuff!

The information presented herein represents the view of the author as at the date of publication.

Due to the nature of the actual product and the rate with which strategies, thought processes and technology change in this environment, the author reserves the right to alter and adjust his opinions based on unforeseen, new and improved conditions.

While every possible attempt has been made to validate the information contained herein, this book may still only be regarded as a publication for information purposes only and it is hereby agreed to absolve the author and associates of any responsibility or liability for advice rendered or for any inaccuracies contained within this report. Furthermore, the author and his associates are expressly absolved from any liability whatsoever from any action which may result as a direct or indirect cause of further action or litigation taken from information contained in this book.

The results, amount of earnings, traffic and back-links will vary for each individual person depending on their own separate level of skill, commitment and the amount of time exerted. Therefore, the author does not specify any precise quantities or conclusions in these matters and does not certify any guarantees.

Furthermore, all rights are reserved. You may not reproduce, transmit or redistribute this report in any shape or form, paid, free or otherwise without prior written permission from the author or publisher.

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obligatory legal stuff