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Have you noticed that recently you've had to work that little bit harder to close those sales?

Cold calling has become less effective than what it once was, gatekeepers are harder to reach and your prospects and clients seem to be a lot more sales savvy and knowledgeable when it comes to the products and services that you offer and when negotiating with you?

Add to this a changing economy and it's a challenging time for the sales professional and business owner.

The internet has changed the way that your buyers conduct their research about you, your company and your products and services. It's become your buyers best friend in their quest to get the best deal at the lowest cost. It's also become your buyers best friend in terms of their own sales knowledge and the fact that they can check up on almost anything that you say or claim in an instant.

Sean McPheat keynoting at the ISMM's (Institute of Sales & Marketing Management)
Successful Selling Conference at The Ricoh Arena on using social media to prospect and sell



So you've been searching for a better way to redress this balance of power and finally here it is! It's called eselling®  
Developed by leading Sales Futurist Sean McPheat, eselling® is all about USING THE INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA to help you to:


Network and prospect with key decision makers directly and to forge contacts within organisations who can get you to the key decision makers
Listen out for potential new business leads
Position yourself as a trusted advisor and expert within your industry
Use different types of media like video, audio and whitepapers to set you apart from the rest
Use social media and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the right way without wasting your time!
Prospect on the Internet
Research about what your marketplace wants
Research about what your competitors are doing
Use your online status as an offline selling tool
Be found when prospects are conducting research on available options
There are many others!


This book is ideal for sales professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners that want that competitive edge over the modern day buyer.

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